Innovative design

Each machine created by us is an innovative tool to suit your needs. We design and manufacture a unique machine on the individual order. They are designed to support the manufacturing process.

Installation and service

We also install and service designed and manufactured by us machines. We deliver devices to the customer and deal with their installation. We also provide training for the crew with their service.

Locksmith services

We also provide all kinds of locksmith services. We use advanced equipment and employ skilled in the art, so that we can make even the most complex orders.

How we work


We advise

We advise in the field of automation and robotic manufacturing processes. We analyze the problems faced by our customers in various stages of production and implement dedicated solutions.


We design

After the analysis, we proceed to design. We develop projects of production machines and supporting processes. Our devices are designed in such a way as to improve the entire production process in the company.


We show

The next step is to visualize the machines projects prepared by us. Visualizations are prepared in a special computer program and presented in the form of three-dimensional 3D. At this stage, the client learns how it will look and operate the machine.


We do

After approval of the project by the client deal with its implementation . Our machines are made from the best quality materials. They are sturdy and durable. Additional software allows you to automate the performance of their processes. 



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